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Newcastle - The home of Geordies
Newcastle City Centre is a friendly and vibrant modern metropolis that is cosmopolitan and chic. The mixture of architecture styles and contrasting wide lane thoroughfares and narrow mysterious lanes make this one of Britain's most exciting and surprising cities.

There is a lot more than Newcastle in this region though, and we hope to show you lots of what is colloquially known as 'God's Country'

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  Beamish - A mining town locked in the year 1913


Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950. After his schooling at the Benedictine Monastic School in Ampleforth, Yorkshire, he read archaeology, anthropology and history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge (1968-71).



Lindisfarne (Or Holy Island) is a photographers paradise and Geordielife aims to give a better quality of photograph over the coming months. In the past we have published 'point and shoot' pictures purely to get information across. We will now attempt to portray the beauty of where we live with some flair and professionalism.

         Visit Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Video


Sport on geordielife


Alan Shearer drops in to say hello! He has a full tour and enjoys the challenge of the job!


Alan is Pictured here with Geordie the Editor of Geordielife!




Geordielife Videos

Videos from around the region are presented in 'Flash format for your enjoyment.

View Videos here.

A Visit from North Carolina

'Yes, it felt like a visit to Shields after watching your video. My son (who is now 33)

Rode on that little train in the Marine Park many times! I live almost in the center of North Carolina which is very nice as we are about a 4 hour drive to the coast going East and then about a 4 hour drive to the Smokey Mountains to the West. Only about an hourís drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains. More...


Photography Plays a big part in Geordielife and there are hundreds of photos on this site. They are free to use for non-commercial purposes but please ask first. Credits MUST be given on any website where images from here are used. Thank You.

There are several websites that help with photography and you may post your pictures. Some are good, some are brilliant - but some are atrocious too! Watch out for a full write up on these sites. Geordie has tried and tested them!


Reviews Page

Photography News 


History of Newcastle upon Tyne

Many of our large towns and cities are products of the "industrial revolution" of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; but Newcastle upon Tyne has a long and proud history, documented since Roman times.
The Romans realised the military value of the site in its command of the Tyne crossing: they built a bridge guarded by a fort - called "Pons Aelius" - in about 122 AD, which formed a vital part of the frontier defence system which we know as Hadrian's Wall.

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January 31, 2015

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Durham Cathedral

Northumberland Street





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